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The Gil Fulbright campaign is a project of RepresentUs — a fiercely non-partisan movement to pass tough anti-corruption laws in cities and states across America, and end the legalized corruption that has come to define modern politics.

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We specialize in translating complex wonkery into stories that make sense to actual humans. If you need a great quote or guest appearance that engages people outside of the DC beltway, we’re on it. We are available for comment on stories involving money in politics, campaign finance, lobbying, government transparency and ethics, and other good-government issues.

Our communications team can answer all your questions about the anti-corruption movement and our proven path to victory. Ordinary people are winning money-in-politics battles every day. Want to know where, why, and what’s coming next? Talk to us. We can also connect you with one of our 400,000 members – everyday people from across the political spectrum who are fed up with government corruption.

Looking for compelling content to share with your audience? We’ve got engaging videos and images galore — just mosey on over to our Facebook page and YouTube channel. All of our content is licensed under Creative Commons, and we will happily provide downloadable versions of our videos upon request.


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