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There’s nothing wrong with our broken political system

Like true career politicians, Scott Brown and I want to take your tax dollars and hand them out to the cronies and lobbyists who fund our campaigns.

Some reform candidates want to make that impossible. I can’t let these uptight do-gooders ruin Washington with anti-corruption laws. It’s time for ol’ Gil to take a stand in the Granite State.

Special interests and lobbyists, I am fighting for your right to live free.

The most expensive Senate race in American history is about to hit Kentucky and I want a piece of the action. 

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Your Votes Don’t Matter. The Money Does.


The people of Kentucky deserve the best representation money can buy

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I’m America’s First Honest Politician 

SocialThumbnailI was moved to run for Senate in the great state of Kentucky when I heard about the unprecedented amount of money pouring into this year’s election. The race between Mitch McConnell and Allison Grimes is on track to cost $100 million, making it the most expensive Senate race in US history.

And old Gil wants a piece of that action.

Let’s be honest: The Kentucky race is all about the money. And so am I. Talk is cheap when it comes to fixing America’s corrupt political system. But for enough money, I’ll make it (or anything else) my #1 issue.

My name is Gil Fulbright, and my promise to you is this: If elected, I’ll definitely sell you out to special interests and lobbyists, but I’ll sell you out to your face. I’ll drop the act and do whatever you pay me to do — as long as you can afford it.

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Looking forward, to my future as a lobbyist

Gil’s Cabinet

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The Good Reverend I. R. Grand, Secretary of Religious Inquisition

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